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STAR PMCA Group is in the business of providing clients with a trusted turn-key delivery service from a single engagement with us. We are establishing, and have established a collaborative that collectively comprises a design team with delivery experience across all construction disciplines down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

STAR PMCA Group attracts like-minded businesses who’s core focus is holistic in its drive for delivering ‘client centric projects with people in mind’ ‘client first’. Collaboratively we specialise in bringing proven knowledge and experience to a working group, which enables a client to explore their vision and objectives for a commercial project at any phase in the development process. We are a dynamic team; we listen, we explore, we strategise and we engage throughout our collaborative approach. Star PMCA Group provide a service that our clients can comfortably rely upon.

As a collective group we are agile; we take pleasure in stretching our professional discipline knowledge centres. Combined with our understanding of each discipline, we can effectively work in synergy and agility of our team to undertake the required services including:

  • Project Management,
  • Architecture and Interior design
  • Urban Design, Masterplanning and Landscape architecture
  • Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Building Certification and Fire Engineering

Collectively, the application of project management life cycles combined with design delivery phases is balanced by the conscious management of time, safety, quality and cost objectives of your business, aspirations and organisational needs.

  • We are wholistic in our approach to the understanding of the big picture
  • We are responsive, pro-active and caring of the business of others.
  • We provide practical approaches to realise commercial solutions.
  • We are sensitive to the considerations of your stakeholders and their understanding of project development.
  • We offer a combined service that has already achieved an understanding of synergy and in practice this provides for efficient and effective team outputs and outcomes for our clients.

The STAR PMCA Group derives its ethos and core from the symbolism of its parent company STAR PMCA. That is, being a trusted advisor with a solid core who provides a dynamic and agile service. As such we seek to align ourselves with other entities who symbolise a similar relationship-based culture and stable business core.


We are not just a Project Management service; STAR PMCA Group is the synergy of our workplace relations at your service.

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‘offering our clients the ability to engage  a multi-discipline design industry advice service from a single source’

PM Team

Our STAR Project Manager (STAR PM) is your trusted advisor, your facilitator, translator and program manager throughout all design, procurement and construction phases of your project development. Our teams at STAR PMCA work in a flat structure, reinforcing the organisations’ cultural ethos that enables each team member to perform at an elite level. Our leaders align themselves with teams to collaboratively grow and develop knowledge, emotional intelligence and commercial sensibilities for successfully delivering our clients’ visions and milestones.


Our clients’ priority is the preoccupation of maintaining business as normal whilst they procure their project development. Our priority is to undertake, facilitate and complete our engaged services at the clients’ ease and with the least amount of disruption. We call this ‘sailing the boat on calm seas’. Our team must not only navigate but they must sail on, ensuring all parties collaborate effectively and efficiently; engaging to provide the client with a high-performance outcome.

Building Services

Building Services engineering is an essential component in the design process. Not only is it a multi-faceted professional service that gives buildings the ability to become, so to speak, “alive”; it also has the ability to inform the client of its building capital, operational and lifecycle costs. Engaging early with building services engineers ensures the appropriate functional uses prescribed by the client’s brief, budget and program are understood by the forms, space and aesthetics pencilled into the vision by the Architect.

Our team has the capacity to integrate the following engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, security (SCEC), ICT, Fire and Vertical transport, relative to the project parameters and demands. Planning a clear picture early, saves mitigation further down the track.

Urban Design, Masterplanning

Unplanned communities, cities and the spaces in between have the capacity to enable enlightenment as well as chaos. Our team focus on working with consultants who can enable creative planning and re-configuration of urban spaces to deliver returnable outcomes and community prosperity for our clients.

Architecture and Interior Design

The Architect has the enviable task of bringing joy to any project through their ability to provide a design resolution for a building concept. Representing prescribed spatial arrangements, a building form and material aesthetics that can define the external built environment while crafting the interior lifestyle and function of the building, provides the impetus for all projects.

As part of our collaborate, the Architectural and Interior design teams focus primarily on the design facets of the project and bringing joy and frivolity to the environment that we are delivering the project within.

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape component of any project is generally the glue that binds all design components and omits a sensory experience that is relative to the project. The landscape architecture scope generally provides the design resolution of the hard and soft landscaping that can be found in and around the ground plane of the building, edge planters, green walls to the building; based on consideration of the operational, maintenance and capital expenditure brief.

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Structural and Civil

Buildings must stand up and it’s the expertise of our Civil and Structural Engineers that provide the grounded footing and erection stability for our buildings. Importantly however, a buildings’ structural soundness not only dictates its ability to support a brief and a clients’ vision, but when designed efficiently, can improve a clients’ NLA value, capital cost and habitation efficiencies.

Our team’s point of difference ensures that we focus on the latter; that is, designing solutions that will ensure the brief can over deliver on a site’s apparent constraints and capacity. To ensure the most appropriate solution can be delivered, our team are also accustomed to working with Hydrologist, Geotechnical Surveyor and Hydraulic Consultant.

our star team

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At STAR PMCA Group, we believe that the investment in the collective of likeminded businesses will foster the STAR PMCA Group ethos of a core collective of trust-based relationship principles. The well-practiced and understood business relationships allows and advancement of each business and the individual’s professional standing as they apply a trust-based personal, proactive and dynamic delivery approach. Our ability as a group to collectively select a mutual beneficial working arrangement is a self-becoming broader culture not only of STAR PMCA Group, but of our combined business cultures establishing a sense of trust and autonomy, whilst in a supportive team environment.


Project management services of STAR PMCA Group

  • We connect and partner, bringing specialist teams together.
  • We have reduced procurement timeframe for onboarding of consultants.
  • We have an improved program delivery as business to business systems are understood.
  • We have a mutual agreeable business and project development agendas to maximise effectiveness of outcomes.
  • We align ourselves with organisations who have similar sector coverage.
  • We align ourselves with organisations who have similar local coverage.

As an organisation, STAR PMCA Group provides a collective working culture where all people are valued for their strengths and contributions. We enable our team to appreciate the value in the mentoring platform that upholds the collective business considerations of one another, and most importantly one’s own trusted agility as a professional in a select team.

STAR PMCA Group have been fortunate to enjoy empowering working business and project relationships with various organisations across the eastern seaboard.  We consciously choose to:

  • collaborate and build relationships with aligned consultants to achieve consolidated, efficient and effective outcomes for our client groups.
  • collectively work with aligned consultants based on proven and tested relationships that have been successfully forged over a significant project or number of projects.
  • offer our clients’ a robust platform to economise their project delivery.

Likeminded businesses that we have enjoyed an empowering working business and project relationship include that the commendable services from the following businesses*:

*list limited to those granting consent to use business name, there are countless more, all are valued by STAR PMCA Group.

Members of our team at STAR PMCA have celebrated numerous noteworthy project successes over the life of their careers. We will continue to build relationships and harness our skills to ensure that our delivery is cut to suit the clients’ development needs.  Should it be a single knowledge centre or service that you require, then we, or any of our likeminded businesses are happy to provide you with the appropriate contact to assist you with your enquiry.

The collective knowledge of the STAR PMCA Group is further supported by a Board of Advisors. Each Advisory Board member has a well-recognised acumen and exemplary industry experience. Together, this esteemed group are committed to guiding the STAR PMCA Group and Management team through business formation, development and growth.

The members of the Board of Advisors include:


  • Nathan Vinall        – STAR PMCA


Board Advisors


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Our STAR PM’s take a step back, we roll up our sleeves, we stand out as individuals and act as cluster to get your project across the line.


Our STAR PM’s get down to work, clustering together within our digital workplace, communicating, sharing files, learned experiences and knowledge as they make those most strategic of decisions to enable your vision to become a reality.

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Our STAR PM’s are at the forefront of technology; facilitating visual and program communication in a manner that relates to the world our client works in.


Our STAR PM’s review, share, collaborate and confirm your vision as captured on paper for you. We are with you throughout all facets of the process.

market purpose

Likeminded businesses choose to work together simply because they have developed a formula that delvers outcomes. For example, we work on a trust-based system where there is an appreciation of one another’s profession and capabilities. The underlying trust enables an ability to push a teams’ knowledge and skills to deliver what we term ‘best for client and project’ outcomes. We choose to work together, not just because we deliver results for our clients, but also due to our combined market purpose to enjoy our working relationships in business.


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Collectively, our businesses each contribute a wealth of commercial understanding, price point, quality and agile principles to provide a value-add solution, rather than a value engineered lesser outcome. Quality in commercial buildings requires this collective forum to be at the forefront of current thinking to achieve the development deliverables within the program and budget sought for the property owner, and the end user. Working collaboratively with the client on rates and the end-user on yields, enables the team shape the development vision into a commercial reality.

Application of early optioneering and commercial based yield proposals, from a desirable and practical design solution, has the ability to achieve the market tender price points. We believe that adding an understandable value from each design discipline is priority over value management deletions.

commercial-03 and residential


Multi-residential has our collective team at the forefront of your vision and mission objectives, understanding the economics associated with return on investment and the aspirational home life expectations of specific markets.

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Aged Care/Retirement Living

Our team have collectively explored various sensitivities in the provision of accommodation and services for an ever-changing demographic, age, care need and dependency.  We are adequately versed with the varying requirements associated with dependant and independent living. End-user needs are now, a prescribed lifestyle is for tomorrow, the care is always immediate and in-between sits a building whose functions must be adequately flexible to provide the required level of comfort and regulatory requires within an aspiring built and landscaped environment. The design team for this sector, is sensitive, empathetic and thoughtful in its design response; as likeminded businesses we provide the value-add to your aspirations.


Health and Medical Practices

The health sector is an ever-changing environment that our team has to maintain engagement in to stay at the forefront of sector trends and research. We focus our project management delivery on our ability to enable the latest in best practice needs for operator, end user and patients alike. The collective group enjoy an imbedded layer of technical justification for all team decisions in this sector, there is very little allowance for a soley independent resolution of the development. Our team group have to work in synergy, and for the benefit of each other as the complexities of health buildings are resolved and realised.

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Working across the public and private sector, our team have successfully delivered and repositioned workplaces and base building assets for equity funds, government organisations, commercial rollouts and stand-alone clients. Space and technology/engineering solutions spearhead the team’s approach as we resolve the cultural relationships required within your workplace.

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Public Buildings

Public buildings require a logic and strategic direction to ensure that delivery processes attend to public scrutiny, valued inputs and political agendas. Our collective design discipline arrangements have us attending to the subtle aspects of the wider communities. This includes understanding the holistic lifecycle of a building such as how they are operated and maintained and their end of life strategy, thus enabling the team to formulate development solutions that are accepted, are valued, used and respected by future generations.



Retail – or the ability to set up shop - is one of the oldest commodities known to man. STAR PMCA Group and its associated business have considerable experience in working with both Lessor and Lessee. We appreciate the needs and obligations of all parties, and often find that our team can initiate design spatial planning, leasing strategy and cost configuration that meets return on investment demands.



The Aviation sector relies on an intricate understanding of sterile, airside and landside operational environments. This, associated with the mass transit movements of people, luggage and goods as well as the services arising from a vast interconnection of business groups that work alongside each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows for the most complex of operational environments. An airport or aviation project has to comprehend a complex mix of key stakeholder vested interests, some with Government overlays, for the protection of borders, aviation safety and passenger experience. Our team has considerable experience and knowledge when operating across these jurisdictions and implementing strategies for staging live environment and operational works. Delivering terminal projects, landside infrastructure, airside infrastructure, ICT and the like, our team have worked across all facets of airport for Domestic and International travel.

To successfully deliver on our client expectations across varied objectives of each development sector, our Project Managers at STAR PMCA GROUP apply our project management output flow as explained in our Services.



Key To Success

We believe that the key to success begins with understanding and visualising the end product and clients’ objectives prior to commencement. Succinct planning, engagement and communication ensures that the keys to success are the keys received on development handover; and that our STAR PM’s have delivered an end product that exceeds the vision outlined at commencement.

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Trusted Agreements

STAR PMCA value our trusted agreements and hand in hand with you, we work as your client-side trusted advisor. With reciprocal trust our endeavours will equal or better your expectations. A trusted agreement at the outset of our relationship is the first poignant step of our journey together.


Understanding The Big Picture

To achieve your expectations, our STAR PM’s listen, on-board and adjust our perception to the slightest of priority that is important for you and your organisation. We seek to gain a clear vision of the ‘big picture’ and utilise this macro understanding as the framework for the decision making and risk management associated with the management of a project through the granular aspects of design and construction activities.


Using Our Core Process

The STAR PMCA core structure of project management delivery is interwoven with our teams’ cluster ethos, learned experience, knowledge and aptitude that our individuals bring to the process. Through collaboration and  implementation of our tested processes, be believe that the best possible outcomes can be achieved for ourselves, our client, consultants, contractors and third parties alike.


Using Our Network

Having a reputable standing with our network and working with like-minded professionals is paramount to successful delivery. We take pride to foster connections with professionals that have a similar approach to project delivery, business ethics and culture.  It is advantageous for us to connect, utilise and include the professional services of others so as to provide you with the dream team advantage to deliver your project development.


Gearing The Program

Our core approach to mobilise multiple streams of human resources that can work together to achieve your program, whether that be fast track or an alternative. We are here to determine a course action that can gear change your project to suit your business decision making and reporting timelines.

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Creating Ideas

Often our clients’ developments, business structure, financing and engagements test and challenge our project management ideals associated with project delivery, process, governance systems and tools that typically provide a well beaten track of success. In times of project challenges, our STAR PM’s take time to manipulate the status quo and create better ways of approaching the leadership, management, reporting and delivery to suit and align with your business operandi. We re-imagine our delivery so you can continue with business as normal, to all extents possible.

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Finding Balance

Whether it be finding balance from competing agenda’s, functions, stakeholder needs the design consultants’ ambitions and contractor’s best practice; our team endeavour to find the balance of outcome that aligns with your vision. We cross-reference output with our clients’ values identified by understanding the big picture; further maintaining alignment of vision through the delivery process.


Realising The Puzzle

Taking our clients vision into a built reality requires our STAR PM’s to unjumble many pieces of development, design and construction information. Often the information is conflicting at the outset and piece by piece we realise the puzzle through a calm and systematic set out timely activities. We convert this realised understanding of the puzzle into a successful project management delivery.


Enabling Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions can on-board a magnitude of considerations, ranging from project outlay costs and return on investment ratios to operating costs, environmental management and energy efficiencies. Such considerations can vary particular to the asset end use; for example, solutions associated with workplace functions and liveable spaces can differ.

The agenda of sustainability can be led from numerous perspectives; arising from the most effective and appropriate use of the site, the corresponding design, construction methodology and operational use benchmarked for your business with legislation or industry best practice. It’s our approach to the rigorous testing of sustainable solutions that provides the value for money acceptance upon the outcomes of your development.

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Delivered On Time

Your time is our time! Differing from the world of time; your time period for a development is significant to you, your needs and organisation changes, success, growth and much more. We must adopt your time schedule and enable a delivered-on time experience throughout all project management delivery stages, this includes reporting, information flows, decisions and the significant design and construction milestones. By adopting a clients’ time schedule, we seek to provide comfort that progress has not only been made but achieved in your minds’ eye.

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STAR PMCA Group are mobile, we are with you, in your office, on site, in meeting rooms, video conferencing, external web portal environments and virtual rooms and yet seemingly always by your side when needed for your project development.

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August 2020 - Board of Advisors commence services to STAR PMCA, Star PM Services and STAR PMCA Group

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STAR PMCA is an advocate of the Project Manager Certification process offered by the Australian Institute of Project Management. Together our focus will be to operate within an aligned project management practise, to maximise the opportunity for our team to achieve certification recognition, and in turn provide the value add back to our industry.


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